He dropped almost a half pound the first day and had 4 poopy diapers in his first 24 hours. He was delivered via c-section at 39 weeks 1 day, which is the longest I have ever been pregnant. I also had a tubal done and didn't know if that might have changed my hormones some how.

He has slowed down in the pooping department now and we are at 8 stinky and an occasional wet diaper now. I am trying to get a full 20 minutes on each side which is hard because he seems to be a big sleeper while he eats.

I am trying to cut back the supplemental bottles in favor of extra nursing sessions. His tummy seems so much calmer when we don't have to give him the bottle. This has made me more sore because he changes latch and has to be readjusted a couple of times a feeding, but we are definitely feeling calmer.

We are going back to the ped on Tuesday and I am hopeful that he has started regaining. He is a pretty content baby and is awake much more than last week I have a feeling that he was just being underfed last week because my milk wasn't quite in like it should've been.