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Thread: OS and OALD, when to pump?

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    Default OS and OALD, when to pump?

    My LO is 3.5 weeks old and we've been dealing with OS and OALD. We're doing pretty well with block feeding, etc. but I am wondering how/when to pump so as 1) allow her father to feed her in the late evening (I'll be going back to work at 3mos. also) and 2) so as not to make a crazy increase to my supply.

    I don't want to create nipple confusion and/or increased supply but it will be important for her to take a bottle for the 2 days that I'll be going back to work. My husband is interested in taking one evening feeding to allow me a block of sleep longer than 1 hour or so. Thanks for any advice.

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    Default Re: OS and OALD, when to pump?

    I had the same question last week. I don't know how to post the link, but it was on June 22nd: Questions about pumping with an OS/OALD.

    What I did was I just pumped only when I knew LO had a missed feeding, and just the amount she ate b/c I was so paranoid about getting full and uncomfortable and not being able to express or pump for comfort.

    However, on a side note re: oversupply, at about 16 wks, I think my supply finally regulated and I haven't had to pump for discomfort since. That was about 3 wks ago. And, last Friday, at 18 wks, Iwoke up "empty" and comfortable. I guess it just took this long (not like the 6-8 wks like everyone else) for us with an oversupply.
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