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Thread: Cutting back or Stopping Supplimenting

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    Default Cutting back or Stopping Supplimenting

    Hi Ladies,

    I had my daughter June 1st. She weighted 4lbs 15oz when she was born (emergency csection because she stopped growing).

    I started breastfeeding her 5 hours after my csection. It was recommended by the pedi in the hospital to suppliment her as well because she was a preemie.

    Up until last week my dd was getting 1 bottle a at night before bedtime. Then my mom and my sister came to visit us and my dd was suddenly getting 3 bottles/day.

    Since my mom and sister left I have been trying to work on getting back to 1 bottle a day. Do any of you ladies have any suggestions? I have managed to get down to 2 suppliments a day, but I personaaly feel that is too much. I know that sounds strange, but when I agreed to supplimenting it was 1 bottle and that is what my baby was used too and now that she has had more it gives her extreme gas and consitipation.

    Also, I am afraid that If I change from our original eating habits it will cause me (1) to have a lower milk supply or (2) my baby will start rejecting BM.

    How often does everyone else suppliment? Am I just being a paranoid first time breastfeeding mom (I have 2 other children but I ff them)?

    If I want to stop supplimenting altogether do I gradually wean her off or just stop cold turkey?

    Thanks for any advice or comments

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    Default Re: Cutting back or Stopping Supplimenting

    Here's some how to info about weaning from supplements. http://www.kellymom.com/bf/supply/decrease-formula.html It is certainly possible to nurse without any supplements. It just might take your body a bit of time to make the additional milk. It's all about supply and demand--the more your baby nurses, the more you will produce.

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    Default Re: Cutting back or Stopping Supplimenting

    I'm not sure but for only 2 feeding it seems like you could just substitute nursings gradually. Like replace one feeding with a nursing for a few days then the other. She may eat more often to get enough at first, but this will increase your milk supply and it should be fine in a few days. Just pay attention to her feeding cues, make sure she had enough wet diapers, and offer a limited amount in a bottle and pump for 10min if she absolutely can't get enough out of a particular feeding.

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    Default Re: Cutting back or Stopping Supplimenting

    I supplemented my daughter due to poor weight gain for 8 weeks. By 8 weeks, I got her off the supplement. It should not be too hard to do since she is only getting 2 bottles a day. I would just drop the 2nd feeding now and see how she does- i.e. if she still acts hungry. If she does okay, I would wait a few days and try dropping the other one. If she still acts hungry, offer it to her. The last 3 weeks of the 8 that I supplemented, my lo only needed one bottle a day in the evenings. Just put her to breast every 2-3 hours to help build up your supply and everything should be fine. Good luck. You can do it. We have been going for almost a year now, even after a bumpy start.

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