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Thread: How to know if supply is low?

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    Default How to know if supply is low?

    Hello everyone,
    I just found this site and hope my questions don't seem to silly or paranoid!

    How do I know if my supply is low?

    My son and I had a rough start to breastfeeding to say the least, and we were finally successful at 10-12 weeks. I went back to work 2-3 days a week working 10-12 hr shifts when he was almost 4 mos, and when I pumped I could get between 4-6 oz per breast. He's almost 7 mos now, and he seems satisfied after feedings but when I pump I only get 2-3 oz per breast. He doesn't sleep through the night (he actually did sleep 8-10 hours at 3mos, now I'm lucky to get 6) and I just am so worried that I'm losing my supply. We just got started! He was 8 lbs at birth, he's about 16-17 now. I was forced out of my pre-baby job and subsequently my health ins., and I'm not eligible at my new job until late July/early Aug so I can't see anyone for help. I don't know what to do - if anyone can help I would certainly appreciate it.
    A very worried Wolfemom

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    Default Re: How to know if supply is low?

    I know how worrying it is. DS and I also had a difficult start to breastfeeding, and because of that, I think I was worried for a while, and often! I have to say, every time I've been concerned, nothing's been wrong in the end. I visit this site (links below), which has very good info, and reassured me on many an occasion. Keep in mind that your baby will get more from the breast than a pump will, so if you're only concerned about supply, the pump isn't a good way to tell (diapers, drooling, etc. indicate a hydrated baby). If you're pumping to build a stash, or because your baby gets a bottle everyday, and the 2-3oz isn't enough, then you might need to do some things to build supply. Here are a couple of articles on that site that might help.

    How to tell if your supply is actually low

    How to increase supply for pumping

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    Default Re: How to know if supply is low?

    Hi Wolfemom,
    We are so glad you came to our boards!

    The pp gave you some good links. She is right...you probably don't have a problem, but your supply is just changing/adjusting.

    You mentioned *seeing* someone. If it would make you feel comfortable you could call an LLL Leader in your area. She would be able to talk with you more about your concerns.

    Here is a link to groups with websites:

    And because some groups/Leaders do not have websites:


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    Default Re: How to know if supply is low?

    Thanks guys. The site was very healpful and alleviated most of my worries! Of course, there's always that residual "am I really doing enough for my baby?" but I think that probably lasts for the rest of his life! :-)
    Thanks again,

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