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Thread: Immunities in bottled breast milk?

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    Default Immunities in bottled breast milk?

    How much of breastmilk's immunities are lost when pumped? I'd love to just nurse but I work full time.


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    Default Re: Immunities in bottled breast milk?

    I don't think any are, as long as it is not warmed in a microwave or boiled. If it is frozen and thawed some might be lost as well, I'm not sure. That is my understanding.
    I pumped about half of DD's milk for about one year. It's "second best" to bfing but still a close second. And it's great if you can pump when you are apart and nurse when you are together.


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    Default Re: Immunities in bottled breast milk?

    I don't think it is that much that is lost (leaders please chime in on this one), and it is still more beneficial to your LO than formula. It is possible to pump and work:

    How Can I Make My Return To Work Easier?

    How often will I have to pump when I go back to work?

    Working It Out: Breastfeeding at Work

    I really like this link to kellymom regarding Pumping & Bottle Feeding


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    Default Re: Immunities in bottled breast milk?

    Oh, and I really like the section of this link that has the temps to store at (I have it printed out on my fridge).
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    Default Re: Immunities in bottled breast milk?

    Those links are great! I haven't read through all of them to find out if this information is in there or not, but some of the antibodies are lost when the milk is frozen and then thawed, so if you can, its best to use fresh. But, that leaves a dilemma, because you may have some frozen that you want to use before it goes bad (and I can link the information on storage as well). I tried to balance by using mostly fresh, but occasionally subsitituing with the frozen and freezing the fresh. Clear as mud ?

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