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Thread: Letdown???

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    I have read that it often feels like a tingling sensation. It can happen in both breasts at once, because sometimes the breast you're not nursing on will still let down and leak a little. And hearing your baby cry or thinking about him can trigger letdown as well. (I thought this would never happen to me because I don't think of myself as a very emotional or textbook person. Then my LO cried in the other room and I looked down to see two large wet spots on my shirt!) But I've also read that it's very normal not to feel anything. So far, I don't feel it at all, but I can tell when it's happened by the type of swallowing Haley does, and often I can see milk at the corners of her mouth.
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    Quote Originally Posted by case View Post
    my breasts get firm and i feel an intense pins and needles kind of feeling. it is unforgetable. i'm sure i'll have phantom letdown for the rest of my life!
    HA HA! I love it! "Phantom letdown" My mom actually has this. We talked about the letdown sensation when I first started breastfeeding and she said she still feels it once in a while. Even though milk never comes out, she said she always looks down just to be sure.

    I've always felt it in both breast. Actually, I feel it more in the breast that LO is not feeding on at the time. Very obvious pulling, tingling, pin and needles, feeling.

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