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Thread: New Mom - When to Pump?

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    I'm a first-time mom of a 2 1/2 week old baby boy. I'm trying to breastfeed exclusively, but would like Daddy to be able to give our son a bottle or two a day. Our son has no problem transitioning from bottle to breast, but when should I pump if I am breastfeeding him every 3 hours? Should I pump right after I breastfeed him? I want to have stored milk in the freezer for bottles when needed. It seems like I can barely keep up with the bottles and am not getting ahead.

    Thanks for your help!

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    Welcome to the forums!

    When I pump I do it in between feedings that way my boobs have enough time to produce more milk after he has nurse, and it won't be too soon for when he has to nurse again. So I would pump an hour to an hour and a half after you feed him and in the morning. You seem to have more milk than. Thats when I personally do it. And good luck with nursing and pumping!

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    I agree with pumping in the morning. Our bodies produce more of the hormone that helps us make milk while we sleep!

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    Congrats on your new arrival!

    Is there a reason that you want to create a freezer supply? Are you returning to work or school?

    How would you feel about pumping less frequently than daily? That way, you will have more time to just relax and enjoy your newborn. This stage will be over in the blink of an eye! They really are only this little for a little while.

    When you pump, my best suggestion is to pick a time of day and pump (early morning works well for many mothers) at that time on schedule (every other day, or daily if you choose). If your goal is to create a freezer stash, even one serving is a start! Keep adding to it, and you'll have a nice little stash in no time.

    Here's some helpful information for Dads.

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    I would say it it's best just to keep nursing for now, since you're establishing your milk supply. It takes 6-8 weeks.

    When they are that small and feeding so often, you lo may be ready to eat again while you're pumping. So it can get tricky. If you really need a break and need your husband to take over a feeding, I'd say pump nursing in the am, since you're supply may be the highest then. You may not get too much milk but you can start putting it away. Maybe it can allow you to get some extra sleep a couple of nights.

    If the pumping doesn't work out, just try to rest up with the baby falls asleep.

    Also as you and your baby get to know one another better, you'll get better at figure out his/her patterns. Don't get to wrapped up in pumping to build up your freezer stash.
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    If you plan on having Daddy give LO a bottle or two every day, don't forget to pump while or shortly after Daddy gives him the bottle. If you continue a consistent pattern of not feeding LO for several hours, or missing a feeding, then it may effect your milk supply in the long run.

    In the beginning, I pumped 4-6oz. every morning to keep up a freezer stash. But be careful with this. My breastmilk would only stay "fresh" in the freezer for a week. Check out the following links for helpful information on storage:



    I tried everything (except for a deep freezer and scalding) and my milk would only stay good for about 1 week. I learned a hard lesson and had to throw away about 25 bags of milk. Needless to say, I was DEVASTATED!

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