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Thread: Fridge accepted, frozen rejected

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    Default Fridge accepted, frozen rejected

    My son drinks EBM that has been in the fridge for days with no problem. I just defrosted some milk from last month in the fridge and he would not take it. My husband thought freezer burn...then I read about lipase...any thoughts?

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    Default Re: Fridge accepted, frozen rejected

    It could be either. The way for you to find out or possibly rule out lipase will be for you to start some taste tests... pump, taste a little immediately. Put in the fridge and then test at different time intervals, 2 hrs, 4 hrs, 6 hrs, next day... day after... day after that... see if it is starting to taste soapy or metallic or off. My son drank milk for a few months without me realizing I had a lipase issue.

    If you notice the milk is tasting off. Pump more, scald it (lots of details in the long lipase forum) and then try your tests again.

    If NOT... then maybe it's a storage issue. Perhaps freezing and thawing in your freezer. Move all your milk to deep inside the freezer away from the door... or possibly buy a separate deep freezer for the milk.

    Good luck to you either way. If it's lipase it can be dealt with. My ds is nearly 13 months now and we're still going strong lipase and all. God doesn't give you anything you can't handle...

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