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Thread: Milk Blister/Pimple/Bleb

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    Unhappy Milk Blister/Pimple/Bleb

    I have this persistent little problem that just won't go away. It started out as a rather painful pimple a couple months ago. It was just a little milk pimple on my nipple that went away after some hot compresses and continued nursing and pumping (I pump while I'm away at work). It came back a couple weeks later, now it's back for about the 6th time.

    Last time, it was more like a blister than a pimple, keeps getting a little bigger each time. Last time, I was shocked to look down while pumping to a bottle full of bloody milk which, of course, I tossed. It only bled through a couple of pumpings, then started to improve. The bleb kind of opened up and the "blister" part of the skin peeled away . . . not painful once the bleb was gone, even when it was bleeding.

    Some more info on me:
    - DD is 5 months old
    - I have an oversupply, which I pump off and donate - 5-8 oz/day
    - I think the problem started when I began using the LilyPadz nursing pads. I don't know if it was a coincidence, but I stopped using them.
    - I switched to looser fitting bras
    - I stopped wearing a bra at night
    - I don't think it's a yeast issue, thought I do have some pain in the nipple area between feedings when the bleb is present

    I seem to be able to get it to go away when I get one, but how can I keep it gone? It's not much fun.

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    Default Re: Milk Blister/Pimple/Bleb

    I think it's wonderful that you are donating your extra breastmilk! I wonder though, if you continue to pump you are continuing to tell your body to make that extra milk and thus, contributing to your oversupply issue. You may just want to slowly decrease those pumping sessions so that you aren't pumping anymore. You can block nurse your baby and that will help with your oversupply issue.

    Some women are just prone to nipple blebs or milk blisters but as you probably already know, oversupply can contribute to them as well. I'd suggest that you work on correcting your oversupply issue because that will probably help quite a bit. Also, sometimes lecithin supplements can help as well as dietary changes. This isn't from a LLL source but it's got good info on this issue -- http://www.kellymom.com/bf/concerns/...bleb.html#more

    I hope this helps! I've had a nipple bleb before and it was extremely painful.

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