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Thread: Going back to work and irregular schedule for pumping

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    Default Going back to work and irregular schedule for pumping

    I've to head back to work in 2 weeks and will like to know if I keep up with usual breasfeeding when at home, but only pump once when I'm at work, will this be ok? I've a busy schedule and will only be able to pump at lunch time, will that be fine or will my milk supply be totally messed up?

    Estm Schedule will look like:
    12midnite - bf
    3am - bf
    6am - bf
    (then about 7am, i'm off to work)

    1pm - pump after lunch break

    6pm - bf at home
    9pm - bf at home

    The baby will still be feeding evry 3-4 hours when I'm not home. Will this schedule be ok? Or will my breasts be engorged, leaking? Will supply be maintained? I work 5 days so weekends will be bf.

    Also, should I try to pump now as well to store up freezed bm?

    Appreciate any advice and help!

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    Default Re: Going back to work and irregular schedule for pumping

    Hi! I'm a working, bf'ing, pumping mom, too. It can be tough for you & baby to adjust to such a big change, but you can do it! These forums were a lifesaver for me when I went back to work.

    Are you planning on pumping milk to feed the baby while you're away at work? Or will you be giving formula? My main concern with your schedule is that you might not pump enough during that one lunchtime session to feed the baby for the 7-9 hours that you're apart.

    A good general rule is that a breastfed/expressed milk fed baby needs at least 1.5 oz of milk each hour. Mine usually needs 2-2.5 oz every hour. (She eats 4.25-5 oz every hour and a half.) The good news is this usually stays pretty consistent with a breastmilk-fed baby, b/c the contents of your milk change as the baby grows. In other words, they don't usually need more than 5 oz per feeding session.

    Here's what I do:
    I co-sleep b/c I couldn't handle waking up every few hours to feed her in the middle of the night. I teach, and it was just too hard... So my baby will feed all night w/ free access to sidelying boob. When I wake up after a few hours, I switch her to the other side and go back to sleep. Works well for us!

    I usually go to bed b/w 7:30 & 8:30, and pump b/w 1 & 2 a.m. (It stinks, but I got used to it. I tend to catch up on email and this forum during it.) People say the milk-producing hormones that relax your body are highest b/w 1 & 5 a.m. Most of the time I can get at least 5-6 oz. But there have been some nights when I get 7-9 oz. Depends on whether the baby just ate. I also pump 2x during the day at school--and b/w the 3 sessions usually make enough for the next day.

    And yes, you should definitely use these next few weeks to pump and freeze as much milk as you can. Try pumping after baby feeds during the day, or after baby goes to bed, or in the middle of the night, or 1st thing in the morning before baby wakes up. The stash can get used up really quickly!

    Sorry so long... Feel free to PM me if you have any more questions. HTH!
    for 1-1/2 years...and still going!

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