LLLI is excited to announce that on or about April 24th our first
LLLI branded product will be hitting the stores in the USA. Nordstrom
will be carrying the LLLI licensed nursing bra as a test in several
stores, mainly in the northwest U.S. To meet the needs of different
shoppers they will be offering two styles of bras, a soft cup and
under wire. To learn more about LLLI licensed products visit:

We encourage you to visit one of the following Nordstrom Department
stores and inquire about the product as well as recommend it to
nursing mothers. You can also show your support by purchasing the bra
by phone if you do not live in the test region. It is vital that the
store test be successful, with its success Nordstrom will roll out
our bra nationally (USA) and help insure that LLLI continue its
mission of reaching out to mothers and babies worldwide.

For a list of stores where the bra will be available, please visit