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Thread: Boobs sore after feeding?

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    Default Boobs sore after feeding?

    The last couple of days, my entire boob area (not the nipple) has been very sore after each feeding. I nurse one side at a time, and the side I've nursed on it very tender afterwards. My nipple feels fine and I think our latch is okay - but since this tenderness is new, I'm not sure if it's normal?
    Thanks in advance for your advice!

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    Talking Re: Boobs sore after feeding?

    How old is your baby?

    When my LO was 2-3 weeks old this happened to me. It was accompanied by a warm feeling. I figured it was the ducts being used for the first time and getting a little inflamed because of their new role as milk-conduits. An ice pack in the bra for a few minutes after each feeding helped alot.

    Hope that helps!

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    Default Re: Boobs sore after feeding?

    I agree with PP that ice packs work wonders the first weeks!

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    Light touch massage worked for me. It went away after about 6/8 weeks

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