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Thread: Question about nursing while laying down.

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    Default Question about nursing while laying down.

    I've done this a few times, but it's not very comfy for me. Do you just let the baby nurse off the same side all night? Or do you have to move him or her back and forth? Also, don't you have to sit up to burp him anyway?

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    Default Re: Question about nursing while laying down.

    I switch sides just so one side doesnt get super engorged. I move the baby from side to side. I know other mommas dont have to, but I have small breasts and I have a difficult time staying on one side and trying to offer the opposite breast. As far as burping, I guess that is up to you.
    When my son was a newborn I would burp him or else he would spit up, but now he just falls right back asleep as he is nursing, so I just let him sleep I dont burp him and he doesnt spit up (he has on occasion, but he will fall back asleep usually afterwards). good luck, and i hope you find something that works for you both!!

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    Default Re: Question about nursing while laying down.

    If you want to change sides while lying down, snuggle baby close against your chest and roll, with him against your chest, to your other side. Or, you can tilt your upper shoulder down toward baby so that your other breast is lowered to his level. That way you don't have to roll at all. To burp, you can hold him upright and pat his back without having to put him up on your shoulder, or you can lay him on his tummy and pat his back. Or, if he's like my LO, he might not even need to burp at night. (She very rarely burps when I try to burp her at night, so I've stopped doing it--since it sometimes wakes her up--unless I notice she's gulping or taking in air.)
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