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Thread: pumping less than ever

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    Question pumping less than ever

    I have a pumping question that has probably been asked before. But here it is again.....
    When my ds was 2.5 mo I could pump up to 4.5 oz when away from him, now he is 4 mo and I can only pump 1.5-2 oz when away at his normal feeding time. Is this normal? can it be fixed? What should I do?
    Luckily, although I work full time, I get to work from the house alot and only a couple of days a week we are away from eachother 6-8 hours and I can usually get home at lunch time to feed him.

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    Default Re: pumping less than ever

    I have the same question too. I only pump for the occasional outing, about twice a week. When baby was 1-2 months I could easily pump 4 oz or more from one breast in about 10 minutes. Now that she's 3 months and my breasts have decreased in size, I find that even if I pump a breast dry, I can't even get a full 3 oz. Yesterday when I was away from baby those barely 3 oz. were not enough for her. Strange, considering at a feeding she only takes one breast!

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    Default Re: pumping less than ever

    I also used to consistently pump more when ds was 2 1/2 - 3months old. I work 5 days/week and am away from him for 2 feedings. The rest of the time I exclusively nurse him. One thing I find is that the more I pump the more milk I get. Meaning that if I am off work or working from home and do not pump for 4-5 days or more, then when I do go back to pumping I get less than I was previously. For me I think the more used to the pump my body is (meaning pumping 5 days a week twice a day) the more milk I get. Oftentime Monday I get less pumping than I do later during the week.

    There are lots of things you can do to increase you pumping output. Try looking at a picture of your baby, and make sure you are completely relaxed. For me, reading while I pump makes it go fast and helps me relax so that I get more milk. Right now (my ds is 7months old) I get a combined total of 7-11 onces by pumping twice a day.

    Also remember that what you pump is no indication of how much milk you have or your baby is taking. A baby is much more efficient than any pump!

    has some excellent information on increasing your pumping output. You might want to check that out. Good Luck!

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    Default Re: pumping less than ever

    I don't know if this is relevant, but I've noticed that the baby is not only more efficient than the pump, he's gotten faster than it too. Some days it seems to take longer than I expect to finish pumping.

    Something I just read yesterday (but where I don't remember, maybe Nursing Mother, Working Mother or The Woman Art of Breastfeeding) is that babies change their sucking patterns as they grow older(slow vs. fast or strong vs. weak) and that it is worth trying to mimic the pattern they've been using lately when you are pumping.

    Good luck!

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