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Thread: One breast larger than the other

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    Default One breast larger than the other

    My one breast is much larger than the other, is that normal? After I nurse the breast does feel supple but not completely soft. My OB suggested I pump that breast after feedings, should I be doing that or will that mess with suppy? I don't want to get mastitis...pls help!

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    Totally normal. Here's some reading material that might help.

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    I agree, that's really normal. When I notice it happening to me, I make sure to feed DS on the smaller side a few times in a row and it always evens out (that may seem counterintuitive, but it helps increase the supply on the smaller side so the boob actually gets bigger).

    Funny BF'ing story (though not at the time):
    I remember one time I came downstairs after nursing the baby wearing a pretty clingy tanktop and DH glanced over and was like, "Whoa! I can tell which side you nursed him on last!" I was like, "Thanks, honey, that's so sweet of you." Ugh, MEN!
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