Hi again,

lets see.... I have tried to wake my LO by tickling his feet, cool washcloth, diaper change, getting him nekkid, ice pack (mean, I know), talking to him, begging , touching the bottom of his chin or cheeks, and compression while nursing...and he likes to sleep!!!!

I have tried to recruit some help but we have no family that is able to. The one's that are able to would be more trouble than what it's worth.

I have a P.Y. pump and I do not wash it after every pump session which does save a heap of time. I have tried hand expressing but after noticing that I do not yield any more than I do with pumping I decided to stick with the pump.

Actually, I have 4 kids, 3 dd's and this being our first son. I got pg after dh had a vasectomy because we did not follow the rules of no nookie till his counts were done... After 3 months he tested "0" and again at 6 months. A total blessing this has been because deep down inside I wanted another child and that is what we got (the plus is that we had a boy finally!)

I have the 24 hour sns but I have made it last for 2 weeks now. I only have 1 so that is something I always need to wash. It is by medela. Are there ones that are easier to clean and not such a pain to get to stay put? They supply tape, but that runs out and feels eeeeewwwwwww.

Like I said, I'll give up when cows fly! I just can't see spending money and time on formula. I know that some of us (like me) need to supplelment, but the time involved is worth it to have a baby at the breast. I believe that breast is best and I want that for LO. I bf my first 3 for a short period of time because I was always hi-jacked of the expirience by Dr.'s and staff when they all had jaundice. Not to mention, I was not all that well informed back then. That brings me here. A relentless mama who has matching luggage under the eyes!!!!

Thanks for all the help!!!!