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Thread: Is Lexapro safe while bfing?

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    Default Is Lexapro safe while bfing?

    My doctor just prescribed me with Lexapro to deal with ppd. Just wondering if anyone new if that was okay to take??? Hoping someone had Dr. Hale's book or website to find out. The Dr. said it would be safe but he also said most drugs are safe.


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    Default Re: Is Lexapro safe while bfing?

    actually when I was preggers I was on lexapro early in my pregnancy for a while, and at a WIC apt she printed something up for me, I think even from a book she had, that stated that lexapro was not so good when bf, I need to try and find it and I can post what it says, but I mean of course this was a wic person not a DR, I know some ladies on here have links to a list, I think zoloft is the safest one *hugs*
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    Default Re: Is Lexapro safe while bfing?


    I looked up some info on kellymom.com for you. This page discusses nursing and depression medications.
    It doesn't say anything about the one you mentioned, you might want to investigate taking a different drug if you can.

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    Default Re: Is Lexapro safe while bfing?

    Hale classifies Lexapro as a LRC L3 (moderately safe) and indicates that pediatric concerns include reports from the manufacturer of several cases of somnolence (sleepiness) in newborn infants with citalopram and Hale has received numerous reports with escitalopram (Lexapro). Caution is recommended in newborn or young infants.

    Also, on Hale's website he mentions that sleepiness is probably unlikely but mom's should watch their babies for this. Hale mentioned to someone on his website that if they're concerned about Lexapro then to try Zoloft instead.


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