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Thread: 6 month old nursing session times?

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    Question 6 month old nursing session times?

    I know nursing sessions for babes can vary alot, but is it unusual for a 6 month old (just starting solids), to still have several (3-5) long nursing sessions a day? Some feeds are more 20 minute-ish, but there are always several 45-50 minute ones every day. She still nightfeeds once or twice and is growing well, meeting milestones and happy, so I don't think there's any issues. Are some babies just slow, leisurely nursers?

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    Default Re: 6 month old nursing session times?

    Hi and welcome to the forum!
    It is totally normal to have a baby that likes to do some comfort/extended nursing. Keep in mind that breastfeeding is meeting more than just your child's hunger needs, you are meeting psychological ones to.
    Until baby is around 1 year the solids are only a supplement to nursing, not the other way around. Your baby is doing a good job, and obviously thinks you are a great mama!

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