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Thread: Breaking after first side

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    Default Breaking after first side

    My 1 wk old feeds very well on one side but is getting in the habit of falling asleep after the first side, barely or not at all feeding on the second. If she does go to the other side right away, it is not usually full force. Then 10 minutes later just isn't satisfied and wants to feed again. I let her feed for another few minutes and she is perfectly satisfied and usually falls right to sleep.

    Why is this? How can i get her to feed straight through?

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    Default Re: Breaking after first side

    Wish I had some good advice. Congratulations on your new baby!!! Someone will come along shortly and give you good advice.
    When my daughter fell asleep while nursing I was told to completely undress her and put her on the other side. I alternated and still do, 1 feeding she will take the not as full breast and when she throws a fit she's still hungry I put her on the fuller breast. Good luck.

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    Default Re: Breaking after first side

    My daughter is 9 weeks old and still usually nurses only on one side per feeding. I just alternate sides each feeding. There are times though where one side is not enough. At thoset imes I switch her to the other breast and she is usually content
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    My DS is now six weeks and still only ever feeds on one side. He has never needed to take the second breast. He gets everything he needs from just one. He used to fall asleep after five minutes as well, I think this is a very common thing. I just started to block feed so that he was getting hind-milk as well as fore-milk

    I think it was a Jack Newman video that suggested that if a proper latch was achieved and the milk was flowing the baby would stay awake, and that it was only when there was no milk forthcoming the baby would comfort feed 'til it went to sleep. Maybe this is ringing true to you? I will put a link at the bottom of this post . Check the 'latching' vids anywyay, they are interesting.

    Or maybe your baby is just cluster feeding? When my DS was that little he would feed continuously for hours (literally!)

    Good luck anyway. And dont stress, I bet your baby is doing just fine!!!!!

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    Default Re: Breaking after first side

    I learned early on with my son that I can't get him to do much the way I want! They are their own little people and I think they should be respected as such. Perhaps your daughter just wants to digest her first course for a while, or perhaps she needs to burp? I say just stick with what you're doing if she's happy and getting enough because it will change before you know it!

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    Default Re: Breaking after first side

    My Baby Is 5 Weeks Old And She Nurses On One For Like 10 Mins Then She Takes Like A 10 Mins Break.. She Poops And Then She Comes To The Other Breast. It Has Always Been That Way. Sometimes I Have Something To Do And I Cant Wait 10 Mins So I Pump My Other Breast And My Dd Or Dh Will Feed Her.

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    Default Re: Breaking after first side

    To wake a sleepy nurser, try tickling her neck or her feet. Try lifting her arm and gently jiggling it. Try walking your fingers up and down her spine. Try sitting her up and patting her back. Try stripping her down to the diaper and putting her against your skin. If you can rouse her right away, maybe she'll start nursing on the other side sooner.

    That being said, it's really ok if she wants to take a little break before starting on the other side. (Just make sure you alternate which side you start her on so that each side gets a turn at being the primary milk-giver. This will help keep your supply even.) Burp her and snuggle her and just expect that she'll want to eat again in a bit. If you expect it to go that way and just consider it part of your routine, it won't bother you if she wants a break between sides. And remember to think of nursing as something you're doing with your LO, not just to or for her. So just enjoy the snuggle time.

    And, last, as my LO got older (8.5 weeks now), she stopped needing to nurse on both sides and usually just sticks with one. Your LO may eventually do the same thing, and then you'll just need to alternate sides but will no longer have the delay in the middle of the feeding.

    Good luck!
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