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Thread: Very discouraged, worried

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    Default Very discouraged, worried

    Wow, it's amazing how my moods can totally mirror whether or not Emily nurses well...ugh...

    Well, it's been a long struggle to get Emily ONTO the bottle, because she would refuse it at daycare. Well, now that has backfired because it seems that she PREFERS the bottle to the breast. I think the bottle gives her faster flow (even though it's a newborn nipple--Dr. Brown's, because all other bottles she refuses). I thought maybe she was just getting more efficient because she would pop off the boob after just a couple of minutes. I think that caused a chain reaction where now my supply is diminishing. I used to be able to pump a whole lot more than now..and now it's just about an ounce out of one breast and about two out of the other. She eats only about 3.5 in a bottle at each feeding, though.

    I just don't know what else to do. I've tried fenugreek and it doesn't seem to do much. I can't find mother's milk tincture anywhere around here and it'll take a few days to get it from online sources. I am drinking lots of water, taking my calcium-magnesium (thought it was a dip because of AF coming, which it hasnt' come yet but I feel all the symptoms of it).

    I'd add more pumping sessions but once she realizes that she doens't get a good flow she screams her head off and won't even try either side. So tonight for the first time I put her to bed with a bottle of pumped BM.

    I feel so incredibly sad and frustrated that I can't feed my baby properly. I don't want to exclusively pump but I fear that is my only option coming up. To be honest, I'd rather her be able to take a bottle than not and go hungry at daycare. I just fear my supply will dwindle even more if I have to exclusively pump.

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    Default Re: Very discouraged, worried

    You were worried that your dd would not take a bottle at daycare and now she will take a bottle, but is refusing the breast possibly due to flow preference?

    Many babies take only a minimal amount of ebm while mom is at work or school, but will "reverse cycle" so they are eating more when mom is home. Did you notice your dd was nursing more often when you were home (when she was refusing the bottle)?

    To help with the flow preference, you could try breast compressions to speed up the flow. You could also try switching breasts as this also sometimes helps. If possible, you might consider using an alternative method of feeding ebm until this problem is resolved.

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