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Thread: Terrified of Low Supply - New Here: HELP!

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    Default Terrified of Low Supply - New Here: HELP!

    I just have sooo many fears about whether my milk supply is decreasing.

    My 9 week-old is sleeping so awesome; from 9pm-430-ish. I'm so afraid that his lengthy sleep pattern is decreasing my supply. Is this true and should I be concerned? If so, what am I doing wrong?

    Secondly. My left breast has always been smaller than my right since breastfeeding, but more recently it looks as though it did before I ever started breastfeeding. Again, is this a concern or a marker for a low supply?

    I've been trying to pump a little more frequently during the day after Owen eats. Today I got like little to nothing - not even close to an ounce. What the heck!?!? When I go back to work, who is to say this isn't going to happen. I go back to work on May 13th (I am a nurse.) and will only be able to pump every 4 hours.

    What if I am unable to pump enough to feed my little guy????

    Please help me! Feelign very unsure and frustrated with lots of questions.


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    Default Re: Terrified of Low Supply - New Here: HELP!

    Don't stress, your body will adjust to him sleeping longer at night and not make as much during that time of day. Your bady is an amazing thing, this should not affect your daytime supply!

    Also, it is normal not to get much milk if you are pumping between feedings, your dc is much more effective than any pump (even hospital grade). Once you are at work and dc isn't nursing you will be pumping more. Every 4 hours should be ok to maintain your supply, just be sure to finish each breast (15-20 min on each breast) or a few min after milk stops. You are doing a wonderful job. If you are wanting to build a back up supply you could always wake up 30 min before baby and pump (you have the most milk in morning) and don't worry, you won't be short changing his breakfast, when he nurses you body will make more, as much as he needs/wants. You could also pump one side while he nurses the other or pump before you go to bed.
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    Default Re: Terrified of Low Supply - New Here: HELP!

    Here's some good info on diagnosing and possibly fixing a low supply:


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