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Thread: 911-mom needs help again-MASTITIS!!!

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    Post 911-mom needs help again-MASTITIS!!!

    I'm so tired you guys... YEsterday night while feedng my daughter on my left breast out of nowhere I got the most painful stabbing pains on the side of my right breast...I thought a spider bit me or something it was so painful.. but After i checked for the taratunula I was convinced got me and found none, I had no idea what to do. I called the doctor and they say that it may be mastitis and have put in an order for antibiotics.. I am concerned about taking them since after last time the may have contributed to an earlier milk supply issue... SO i don't know what to do..

    Is it really mastis? There is no redness or lumpiness it just hurts like hell. I have been having a little bit of a sore thoart and feeling run down and tired like I was developing a cold...But honestly I just had a baby 6 weeks ago aren't we all tired...

    IS there some like non-antibiotic remedy you could reccomend? I'm not a big fan of meds if I could do something naturally or some Herbal supplemet I would love it...

    Also now the left breast is starting to hurt a little? I tried double pumpong earlier and couldn't it was so painful.

    I want to thank everyone who posted for me before about the green poops and the low milk supply I'm still working all that out... But I think the Blockfeeding that was suggested is the answer..

    This board has been so helpful... GOod lord what would we do with out the internet...

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    Do you have a fever? If you have mastitis that requires antibiotic treatment you would likely have a fever and feel very ill (chills, aches, fatigue--like you have the flu). If you do not have the flu-like symptoms you may simply have a plugged duct or mild mastitis that can resolve without anitbiotics. Nurse on the sore breast frequently (at least every two hours). If baby doesn't want to nurse that often use a pump. The most important thing is to empty the breast. Try applying heat to the sore area immediately before nursing or pumping and use gentle massage on the sore spot. If you are progressively feeling better rather than worse you may be able to hold off on any antibiotic.

    It's possible to have mastitis in both breasts, but it is most often just in one breast. Is the soreness on the other side the same type or something different? I believe yeast can also cause shooting pains in the breast. With a plugged duct or mastitis you'd likely have one very sore, red area and may be able to feel a lump.

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    Your doctor diagnosed mastitis without seeing you? And prescribed antibiotics over the phone? I'd find another doctor, personally.

    Mastitis does not usually present as a sudden stabbing pain in the breast. Usually a woman can feel it coming on over a period of hours or days, with localized soreness that gets steadily worse, accompanied by flu-like symptoms of fatigue, achiness, possibly fever.

    I'm not sure what is causing the pain you describe. Tell us more and we'll try to help you figure it out.

    You mentioned a previous course of antibiotics -- when was this? What were they for? Is the pain in the two breasts basically the same? Are you able to nurse? Is the pain constant, or worse at particular times? Do you see any changes on the skin of your breast or nipples?


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