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Thread: block feeding working too well?

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    Default block feeding working too well?

    I've had an oversupply and OALD for awhile and a couple of days ago, I tried block feeding for 6 hr blocks b/c I was so full of milk earlier this week. Well, I think it worked too well! Today, I have a very low supply so my LO is fussy b/c the flow is very slow and it seems like nothing is coming out. I've had to offer her both breasts per feeding rather than her usual one side per feeding.

    Although I feel more comfortable than I have felt (b/c not full), will my body adjust back to be a little fuller in a couple of days?! What should I do to increase my supply, but not to increase it too much to create an oversupply again?
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    Default Re: block feeding working too well?

    Been there.

    It is kind of a seesaw. When I first started block feeding my supply did the same thing. One day I felt completely out of milk and was feeding LO from both sides. The next day I felt over supplied again so I did 4 hour blocks instead of 6 hours... slowly it works itself out. You might be surprised tomorrow how much milk you have made overnight.

    I recommend listening to your LO, just like you are doing! Way to go! Smart mama! A good 'rule' that has worked for me is to stick to one side unless DD is not satisfied and the side seems low, then switch to the other side.

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