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Thread: Cycle Changes

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    Once it came back, was it totally different than before? I have gone without for almost 27 months (pregnancy # 1 with DD 1&2 lost at 7 months, pregnancy #2 DS for 10 months and now he's 12 mos). I'm just wondering if I'll go back to the same predictability... I never had any kind of PMS, and I was "by-the-clock" Anyone finding anything different after LO?

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    I now have 5 week cycles instead of 4 week. I feel like a teenager again wondering each time what it's going to be like as far as PMS and flow. So far, no patterns--each one has been different. My cycle returned after DS turned a year and he's now 17 mo.

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    You might try charting your temps/mucus signs. My cycles are a little wacky due to a thyroid/hormone issue. I know about when to expect them, but I know when my basal temperature plumments I'd better be prepared that day or the next!

    If this is new to you, a book like "Take Charge of Your Fertility" may help.


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