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Thread: Need Advice with Fenugreek use

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    Unhappy Need Advice with Fenugreek use

    My milk supply dropped after a recent illness that affected both myself and my DD who is almost 9 mos. I was advised by my dr. to take fenugreek. I purchased a bottle of Nature's Herbs Fenugreek seeds, 620 mg capsules. I took my first capsule last Friday night and I also drank a cup of Yogi Tea Nursing Mom (has fenugreek in it) as well as applied heat to my breast. My milk supply seemed to return and I once again felt that my breasts were full. I emailed a LLL about the recommended dosage for fenugreek. She said the BAB says 3 capsules 3 times a day. I had taken 3 capsules throughout the day Saturday and Sunday and then on Monday or Tuesday (can't remember which day) I took 6 capsules and I got really ill. I had the worst cramps with watery discharge (enough to wear a liner) and a really bad headache and an overall sense of feeling run-down. I also have had a really bad sore throat since taking the tea and capsules. I did not taking any fenugreek capsules yesterday or today. I've only had a cup of nursing tea last night. I'm wondering if I should take only one capsule a day, or only 2 or 3 a day.
    I'm posting this for advice on what other moms have experienced using fenugreek. Do I need to keep taking it in order to keep my milk supply? My breasts haven't full again since Sunday. My DD doesn't cry or complain she just nurses and I know she is getting BM. Her diaper output is fine and normal.
    Any advice would be much appreciated!

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    Default Re: Need Advice with Fenugreek use

    You probably really never needed to take it in the first place. Milk supply depends almost entirely upon breast milk removal from the breast. The more milk that is removed (or the more breast stimulation your breasts receive), the more milk they make. It's pretty common for a nursing mom's supply to drop a bit if she's been ill but her milk supply usually recovers just as quickly as she did.

    Fenugreek can cause intestinal upset in some people. And to finally answer your question, no you don't need to keep taking it. Fenugreek does not increase your milk supply all on it's own. In order for it to work, it needs to be coupled with increase nursing or pumping. Once your supply is back to where you want it, you can stop taking the fenugreek. If you then cut back on nursing or pumping, your supply will decrease accordingly.


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