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Thread: Thrush - what about the toys?

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    Default Thrush - what about the toys?

    My baby of eight months had thrush in his mouth; we have started treatment today with an oral gel. Fortunately, he is not bothered about it and neither I nor my other nursling have been affected.

    However, I asked the health visitor what to do about his toys and she didn't seem too sure herself. She said to put them in the sterilizer - as if we had such a thing...

    Anyway, I read repeatedly about boiling things for 20 min in vinegar, but I would imagine most toys would be ruined by that. Most cuddlies are not suitable for the washing machine, either. And then there's the books. Do we need to throw everything out?

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    Default Re: Thrush - what about the toys?

    I think just wiping with vinegar might work on many of them (air dry, then rinse). Sunlight helps. A hot clothes dryer also helps. Maybe a 1:10 solution of bleach + water like daycares use? I would probably get rid of teething toys and bottle nipples..soft plastic with teeth marks or scratches.

    You and your other nurseling should be treated even if symptom-free. My dd and I passed it back and forth for months b/c I was not treated initially. My symptoms started at least a week or more after her medication began. Same thing if one of us has 7-10 days med. while the other needed 14+ days...whoever finished first kept getting reinfected. Try kellymom.com for a link to Dr. Jack Newman's recommendations. I also recommend applying yogurt...worked better than I expected.

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    Default Re: Thrush - what about the toys?

    "To kill yeast on surfaces other than skin, immersion in very hot water (50°C or 122°F) will work in minutes. A bleach solution (10% bleach and 90% water) will also kill yeast as well as discolor fabric and irritate skin. Boiling is preferred where possible. Laundered wet, all-cotton underwear may be microwaved on high for five minutes to kill yeast. Exposure to sunshine also kills yeast; hanging clothing outside to dry during an outbreak may be helpful. Freezing does not kill yeast."

    "If a dishwasher is used, the hottest water setting should be selected. If pump parts, bottles, teats (nipples), pacifiers (soothers, dummies), teethers and other items in contact with the baby's mouth or milk are handwashed, dipping these into a 10% bleach solution before thoroughly rinsing will prevent the spread of yeast. Rubber gloves can be worn to protect hands from the bleach solution. If there is yeast on the hands, the gloves should be replaced frequently."

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