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Thread: HELP! She won't even TRY to latch!

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    Unhappy HELP! She won't even TRY to latch!

    I have already mentioned this in another thread, but I have a more SPECIFIC question. How can I get my 3 1/2 month old daughter to latch on? She hasn't nursed exclusively since she was about a week old, and hasn't nursed AT ALL since she was about 2 or 3 weeks old. I pump, so I have milk, but she REFUSES to even TRY taking the breast. When I put it to her mouth, she just turns away. If I continue to try, she gets angry, and starts to fuss. I don't know what to do. I REALLY want to get her back to exclusively breastfeeding, but I don't know how...lol. I need some advice, ladies! THANKS! (By the way, she hates the nipple shield too, for some reason. She took it once for about 10 minutes when she was pretty much asleep the other day, so I guess that's SOMETHING...lol.)

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    I am not an expert, nor am i going to claim to be- this is only my advice.

    first off my DD was born 36w2d and was in the NICU and i pumped and eventually she had to use a silly nipple shield too and i stopped BF and then relactated and she still wouldnt catch on and i stopped.

    anyway- heres my advice, I recieved it from LC, LLL meetings, and trial and error.

    Your baby is use to a bottle- the flow the feel, everything. Your baby is not dumb by any means and knows that your boob, a shield, what have you is not a bottle. thats GREAT you have milk- at least you know she can get something if she latches! DONT force the shield, if she doesnt want it, thats fine- keep trying BF with and w/o it. My advice is to try BF when shes kinda sleepy. if you wait til shes crying or about to cry in hunger, she will put up a fight. Try BF walking or rocking or even in the tub. if you try to latch her on and she just flat out refuses- stop and wait and try again, if she still refuses, stop, wait and try again-- if she just isnt having it- stop until next time. I do know if you keep giving her a bottle- she is less likely to nurse, so maybe try a SNS- she can get formula or EBM and try to latch- but i have heard some babies get extra smart and realize they only have to suck on the tube and not really latch, so that may not be an option. heres a BIG idea- Go to a local LLL meeting and/or call a local LLL leader and tell them and i bet someone will be more than willing to help. I had one leader help DD latch on at a meeting once. Anyway- this is all i know. I may not be the best help- cause im again not an expert, but this is all i know.

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    Default Re: HELP! She won't even TRY to latch!

    there are some good ideas in this link
    and this one also:

    your following the 1st rule! Feed the baby.

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    Default Re: HELP! She won't even TRY to latch!

    I'm not an expert either, but I've been hearing and reading a lot, and here's my advice based on what I've learned:

    Previous suggestions were good. I also would recommend trying to nurse her when she's sleepy (just woken up or just drifting off), as LO's seem to protest less when they aren't fully awake. My LO nurses much more peacefully when she's sleepy. You might want to put your LO in a baby carrier and walk around a while until drowsiness sets in, then try nursing.

    Also, don't force the issue, because that will only make her hate it more. Keep trying, especially at times when she isn't fussy or overly hungry, but back off if she gets mad. Try again when she's calmed down.

    And try taking off your top and stripping LO down to the diaper. Some skin on skin contact might do you good. Nursing in the bathtub is supposedly helpful too.

    I think if you keep at it, gently but consistently, your LO might start experimenting with the nursing in her less fussy times and then eventually get used to it enough that she will nurse at other times too. Hang in there!
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