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Thread: Help--ds is soooo picky about where to nurse

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    Default Help--ds is soooo picky about where to nurse

    My ds is 4months old, and lately he has been so wiggly and distractible that I finally had to start nursing him in a dim bedroom, laying down. Works great when we're home.

    However...it's getting to be ridiculous...He won't let me nurse him out on the couch, which is taking a lot of time away from older dd. She is almost 5, so doesn't need my constant attention, but if you've ever allowed your preschooler a little too much unsupervised time...and I'm sure it's not helping the feelings of being left out, either.

    We also can't NIP anymore without him throwing a fit. Last night I tried to go to a MOPS group (moms with kids age 0-5), and he started acting hungry. I offered the breast to no avail, but changing position and looking around at the other baby there, he was okay a little longer. Got in the car, and he really started to cry. Pulled over and tried to nurse. Swallowed a couple times, but kept crying in the same manner as the hungry cry he gives my husband when I work. (I tried to work 1-2 hr shifts...didn't work, won't take a bottle.) Was not happy about his feet touching the door and kept looking around between swallows. I finally buckled him in and tried driving to someone's house nearby. Thankfully, he fell asleep, so we headed home instead, but oh it was horrible listening to him cry himself into a state of exhaustion because he was hungry but couldn't nurse the way he wanted.

    Does anyone have any suggestions? We are moving in a couple weeks, and we will have the same bed, but I'm worried that he'll freak out about looking at different walls while he nurses. And even just getting back to using our couch so that I can be closer to dd... Not to mention the fact that I really can't go anywhere if we don't find a way to NIP. We live in the middle of nowhere...the nearest LLL is just as far as the MOPS meeting was...even the grocery store is a race against time if we go during the evening when his intervals are shorter (but we share a car with dh, so not much choice to go in the morning...)

    Also--it has to be the side-lying position now. We started having overactive letdown issues again lately, so that he was sputtering in the side-lying position the other night, and while gravity used to help if I nursed leaning back with my nipple pointing up, I could not get him to try it anymore. Helppp!

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    Default Re: Help--ds is soooo picky about where to nurse

    Argh. Distractibility can be a real ordeal. One particularly frustrating day at this same age, I very nearly weaned my son over it. It is just so maddening, knowing that all the baby needs is to settle down and nurse, and he just won't/can't.

    Deep breaths. It gets better, gradually. It will never again be like nursing a newborn was, but it will get less frustrating and more manageable. He will eventually learn that not every stimulus needs his full and immediate attention. In the meantime, there will be some unhappiness, but he won't starve.

    I wish I had learned to nurse in the sling at this stage. We didn't figure it out until DS was about 8 months old (and it was a lifesaver then, too). Being nestled down in the sling can help him block out distracting sights and sounds, and it can help restrain his wiggles -- sort of like swaddling for the older infant. There's a learning curve, so if you need some tips on how to get started, ask. (I see there's even a babywearing forum here, and I bet the ladies there will have good ideas about sling nursing.)


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