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Thread: Need help "reading" baby's feeding signals

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    Question Need help "reading" baby's feeding signals

    In the early weeks, I KNEW my daughter was finished nursing when she 1) had limp arms and 2) "fell off like a drunken sailor off a bar stool."

    Now, she's 6 weeks, and doesn't do that anymore. When she finally pulls off, she ends up "spitting up" extra milk (not really spit-up, more like spill-over/pour out, once she sits up --- she's over-fed??). I can't figure out what cues to look for in her now...

    Any tips? Thanks!!
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    Hi There

    It's so great that you're trying to read your baby's cues and feed her according to her needs!

    Spitting up is very common among babies of that age. They have a muscle in their digestive system that is underdeveloped and can cause "leakage" or spit-up! It doesn't necessarily mean that they are overfed, and it often looks like more than it is because the milk has curdled before it comes back up!

    LLL says the baby should stay at the breast until she comes away on her own or until she falls asleep. Babies this age often need to burp, so when she does come away, burp her and offer again before you stop the feeding for good. She'll let you know if she wants it or not! And babies this age usually need to eat very frequently, about every 2 hours or less, so if she gets a little less at one feeding, she'll make it up at the next one!

    Hope that helps!
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