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Thread: Pumping - can i start now ?

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    Default Pumping - can i start now ?

    my DS will be 7 months old by end of June 2007.
    So far I never used a pump
    So far i was in extended leave and i personally handled his needs...

    He is been on Exclusive BF till 6 months ..now i ve started some solids for him like rice/ mashed potatos /carrots/ banana/..so little so far..
    Now that we have moved from india to singapore am in hotel for next 10 days... so am giving him lil amt of juices and external food and he is in complete BF,.of course he is not crying out of hunger so am sure he is ok with the BF alone..

    Now am planning to start work from Aug 2007, (since we moved from India to Singapore..am looking out for job also ) ..

    Now i would like to start using...pump..

    is it ok if I start pumping now?

    when would be best time to pump ? (After his feed?)

    how shld i store that and use for him ?

    can someone suggest me good pump ...my hubby going on aofficial visit to Toronto next week..if i cannot get here in Singapore i can ask him to buy there for me..

    since am all new to pump suggest me i appreciate any inputs

    shld i use manual one / electric one / how to express and store..

    appreciate ur inputs and help

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    Default Re: Pumping - can i start now ?

    Yes, I think it would be good to start pumping once you are in your home so you can build up a "stash" of pumped milk and not have to worry so much about storage. A chest freezer is best for long term storage.
    So many questions! There is a lot to learn about pumping and such, but you will get it. I am going to cop out and post a link that should help with most of your questions. Please check it out and let me know if you have any other questions.

    Pumping and Bottle Feeding

    I have used both an Ameda Purely Yours double electric and an Avent Isis hand pump. I really liked them both. Most people like to use a double electric to pump at work because you can pump both breasts at once.
    We stored ours in Avent VIA storage cups and fed in Playtex Nurser "Drop-ins" system with Playtex Naturalatch nipples. Some types of plastic are not recommended due to leaching of chemicals. Generally, hard clear plastics are not good, but "cloudy"/translucent plastics or storage/feeding bags (like in the Playtex Nurser) are better.
    HTH. Best of luck to you!


    Loving mama to JP (DS, 1/03 ~ nursed 6 mos), EL (DD1, 9/05 ~ nursed 4 yrs), EJ (DD2, 3/08 ~ nursed 3 yrs 9 mos), and
    JM (DD3, 6/12 ~ currently nursing), all born naturally
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    Default Re: Pumping - can i start now ?

    Hi Molly that is lot of information and the link s soo helpful
    thanks for that...
    I will keep u posted
    thanks again

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    Default Re: Pumping - can i start now ?

    I pumped for DD until she was 2.5 years. After about 5-6 months she no longer took the bottle at daycare, we moved her over to sippy cups. Good luck to you, and yes you can start pumping now.

    Don't be discouraged if at first you don't get much. It is a learned system. I would reccomend a good double electric pump to save time. Let me know if you need any advice, I am the pumping queen, been through it all!

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    Default Re: Pumping - can i start now ?

    Hi dears
    could not login for sometime as i was settling in new place and stuff
    bought a medella electric single (not double) pump !
    (sorry dear saw ur update after that only)
    firt time i tried adn i dint get even a drop !!!(( so frustrated ..and is that buz of my milk supply is regularised?

    then in 2 days got my periods.
    and parallely down with flu (DS too and doc said not to worry i can BF him)
    so all done and am stil weak and think shld be ready for pumping again mid of this week or end of this week ...

    looking for encouragement and tips
    a) shld i choose any specific time for pumping ?

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    Default Re: Pumping - can i start now ?

    Most women will see a drop in supply around the time of their period, it may stay a little bit lower then normal for a few days. This used to scare me so bad until I learned that it was normal. It is also normal to see a decrease in supply when mom is sick. Make sure to stay really well hydrated, and avoid could medicines if you can, those also would lower your supply. Their are lots of wonderful herbs, and over the counter remedies that can help to boost your supply. Let me know if you would like a list.

    If you are pumping after you feed your little one it is normal to not get much. If you are trying to build a freezer stash for returning to work, try to get up early, before baby, and pump then. Most moms will find that their supply is best first thing in the morning. Also have a special place where you go to pump, try to relax first, drink a glass of water and think of baby. Some moms like to look at a picture of the baby, or smell a baby blanket or t-shirt of babies, this may help to trigger a let down. Don't give up, if you find that you don't get anything in the first few minutes, walk away from it for a couple minutes, and relax. I liked to play a cd with the sound of a stream or waterfall, for some reason that seemed to help me out.

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    Default Re: Pumping - can i start now ?

    Here is the schedule I used for pumping once I went back to work.

    6:30am Breastfeed baby

    9:30 Pump

    12:30 Pump

    3:30 Pump

    5:30 on breastfeed little one

    You can set it to you work schedule, but at babies age I would think every 3 hours would be good.
    Also if you have a fridge at work great. Buy some breast milk storage bags and keep milk in them in a little luch box in fridge, I also would keep breast pump parts in there so that I would not have to wash all the time. Put a couple good ice packs in the lunch box for bringing home the milk, then into fridge at home.

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    Default Re: Pumping - can i start now ?

    hi am back here..after a long time..

    first DS got flu then my turn was down with flu / ear infection
    better from this week

    did try pumping once this week and managed almost 2 oz at abt evening
    yet to put a schedule as DS is demanding BM every 2 hrs , even at nights
    hence finding it difficult to pump..
    moreoever whatever i pumped also DS was not ready to have from bottle and i had to throw it ! as i tried sipper too and in vain
    he wanted to latch on to me directly (

    am worried ..need encouragement and soome help too
    DS will be 8 months this 30th..
    is it too late?
    can i do it?
    help pls
    am really depressed(

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