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Thread: Planning to BF...common problems?

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    I thought I was pretty prepared for breastfeeding too, but I got completely blind sided by having too much milk! I always thought having low supply was a common problem, so I didn't prepare myself about what to do if I had an oversupply and an overactive letdown which can be very painful b/c you're always engorged. I wish I knew about the "too much milk" forum earlier. Anyways, just wanted to let you know that there is a forum for that if you end up having an oversupply. There are lots of good suggestions about what to do.

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    I did a lot of research and the one thing I never read about was how the baby falls asleep at the breast a lot! Nursing is so comforting that they will typically fall alseep (especially if the baby gets jaundice like my DD did ) There are some tricks that the lactation consultant at the hospital can help with (lifting the arm - it is like a lever that tells them to eat!). So, I would recommend talking with an LC at the hospital as soon as and as often as you can for suggestions. For us, this was wrapped into the cost of our hospital stay, so I do not think there is usually any extra cost for seeing one at the hospital (you may want to ask though). Also, be prepared that your lo will fall asleep a lot at the breast. And as soon as you lay lo down, s/he will wake up and want to nurse again! The first few weeks will be tiring, but it is a great experience!

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    Congrats!!! I am a mommy to an almost 7 month old son. I found the book "Breastfeeding Made Simple" to be a Godsend. It helped me with so many questions that I had no idea about. If it weren't for that book I would have probably quit....and then I found this site and it has helped me tremendously! Best wishes! Breastfeeding has been one of the best experiences of my life.
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    This may seem like a silly question, but are all LLL leaders also lactation consultants? Some? Just wondering how to find a lactation consultant. A breastfeeding friend of mine said that the hospital actually had lactation consultants there (which I already knew) but that her consultant actually came to her home the first few days/nights after her daughter was born. To help her out and make sure things were progressing smoothly. I thought that maybe if I get to know the ladies with LLL in my area, and get comfortable with the leaders, I wouldn't have to have a hospital consultant as my "go-to" person.
    Not a silly question! Some Leaders are ALSO IBCLCs, but not all of them are. It's certainly a good idea to get to know your local Leaders. Not all Leaders will do home visits, but many will!

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