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Thread: Planning to BF...common problems?

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    Talking Planning to BF...common problems?

    Hello everyone. BOY DO I HAVE QUESTIONS! I'm expecting my second baby in September (my first "baby" is now 10!) and I didn't BF my first. I'm bound and determined to BF this child!

    I'm wondering if any experienced BF mamas can point out any common problems I might encounter in the first few weeks following her birth? How might I avoid these problems?

    Are there any signs that she might not be getting enough from me? Might there be any instances when it would be necessary to interrupt the breastfeeding for an alternative?

    What are the guidelines for breastfeeding during an illness I may develop, taking antibiotics and such?

    I stay at home full-time but do intend to pump maybe once per day to have a little supply on-hand for occasional date nights, and for times I know daddy or big brother will want to feed her!

    Just want to have all my ducks in a row (as much as possible) before she arrives!

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    Default Re: Planning to BF...common problems?

    Congratulations and

    I'm not an expert by any means so I guess I just want to give a little mother to mother support. I didn't really experience any problems breastfeeding, I was incredibly lucky and I ended up on the boards for sleep support and learned form these mamas the most valuable information I could have imagined and I'm sure many will chime in with their experiences.

    What I can tell you is that low supply is extremely uncommon and very misunderstood. If you don't supplement and nurse on demand which is all the time for a newborn you should be fine. Try to avoid artificial nipples like bottles or pacifiers for at least six weeks to build your supply. Just hang out with your new bundle and nurse and let everything else slide. Take all of the help you can get.

    Many mamas think they don't have enough milk during growth spurts, which are commonly around 3 weeks and 6 weeks. Just push through it, stay in bed with baby if you need to and just let the little one nurse away. Your milk supply will catch up to their needs and soon you'll both be breastfeeding like pros.

    Congratulations again. Stick around, everybody here is incredible.
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    Default Re: Planning to BF...common problems?

    Hi there
    Kudos to you for preparing yourself early! Here is a link to LLL's collection of articles on preparing to BF:

    And also a link to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section:

    "Mothers are designed to be available to their babies--to help them make the transition into this big, wide world. To teach them to trust, and love, and feel good about being alive."
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    Click here to find your local LLL Group
    How to tell if your breastfed baby is getting enough milk!

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    Default Re: Planning to BF...common problems?

    I like this link also
    you can do it this time.
    get a hold of your local LLL leader so you have somebody to call if you run into trouble with baby.

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    Default Re: Planning to BF...common problems?

    first of all congrats and

    The one thing that I tell all soon to be mammas is that it took my ds and hour to eat, and then an hour after that he was hungry, for the first 6 weeks. It does not mean you supply is low, they are just as new to the breastfeeding thing as you are, and it takes practice for both of you. By 6 weeks, when he started day care and I went back to work he was down to 45 min with a longer span between. Now he eats in 20 min, but it is about every 2 hrs. Every baby is different, which is why I love this forum, so many diff mothers with diff experiences really help your outlook.

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    Default Re: Planning to BF...common problems?

    Thanks for all the encouraging words, advice and links! I've started looking at some of the articles mentioned, and I plan on purchasing a couple of nursing books I've heard about.

    I know nothing really completely prepares a mom for something like breastfeeding quite like actually doing it. I get obsessed a lot and, even though my family & friends consider me to be a "research queen" of sorts, I still feel like I could be missing something that could be detrimental to what I'm trying to accomplish. I'm reading reviews, comparison-shopping and just educating myself on everything...breastfeeding, carseating & strollering, diapering & wiping, warm the milk or not to warm, baby swinging & playmatting, solo sleeping or co-sleeping...it's as if I've never had a baby before! Well, it HAS been 10 years...and much has changed since 1997!

    I'm driving my husband nuts as these baby things are all I can talk about right now. He's handling it well, though. He prefers to just spend a few minutes reviewing and considering, then he just "wings it"!

    Thanks again, everyone. I know I'll have questions again in the near future, and I know you're help will prove to be invaluable to me.

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    Default Re: Planning to BF...common problems?

    http://www.kellymom.com has a wealth of information. If you have a LLL group in your area, you can start going now. Not only will you begin to hear about some of the challenges that real moms run into, but also have an opportunity to hear about the solutions. You will get to know some moms and a leader or two who you will then feel more comfortable calling if you run into something unexpected. At least personally, even if I know what to do for a problem like plugged ducts, I still like the reassurance from someone I trust that I'm doing the right thing.

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    Default Re: Planning to BF...common problems?

    I checked and did find that LLL meets 2 times per month in my community. And tomorrow night is one of the 2 times they're meeting this month, so I'm going!

    There seem to be 2 leaders of my community's group. This may seem like a silly question, but are all LLL leaders also lactation consultants? Some? Just wondering how to find a lactation consultant. A breastfeeding friend of mine said that the hospital actually had lactation consultants there (which I already knew) but that her consultant actually came to her home the first few days/nights after her daughter was born. To help her out and make sure things were progressing smoothly. I thought that maybe if I get to know the ladies with LLL in my area, and get comfortable with the leaders, I wouldn't have to have a hospital consultant as my "go-to" person.

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    Default Re: Planning to BF...common problems?

    I recommend The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding (published by LLL). Lots of good info about all sorts of things (including common problems) and pictures. There are also some good videos out there, if you are a visual learner. I'm sure your local LLL leader or LC could point in the direction of some good resources. Good luck!
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    Default Re: Planning to BF...common problems?

    Welcome, Shannon!

    Just wanted to say that you're smart to be on here and asking questions now! I honestly found that my biggest resource was this very mother-to-mother website. When I would encounter obstacles, I would post a question and people would jump to help me, which was so awesome. I seriously don't know how long I would have made it nursing without being on here. Not that we had huge problems (some OALD and thrush were our biggest) but sticking with it was sometimes tiring at the beginning. Everyone here is very encouraging and you will get a lot of different suggestions with different questions you have.

    Congratulations on your coming LO! We're glad to have you and look forward to helping you as much as we can. I'm a research-maven, too, so I can totally relate!

    Oh- there's a website called carseat.org if you'd like to learn a lot more about carseats than you find in the general public. It's a vbulletin thread deal like this LLL website is, so you'll be familiar with the format.

    Happy Pregnancy!

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