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    Okay well I did some research nd found out that I may have thrush. My nipple have been hurting and are red and have been having some deep pains in my breasts that sometimes radiates towards arms. ALso Madison has this clicking sound while bf'ing tha I've been worried about and this is also a symptom. SO in this case who do you contact your OBGYN or PEdiatrician?

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    LO & I just got over thrush. Contact your ped. for treatment for baby and your OB/GYN since you both need to be treated at the same time. It was a long battle for us (about a month of different treatments, starting with Nystatin, then on to Diflucan.). Best of luck to you!

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    Right. If one of you does have thrush, both of you will need to be treated at the same time.

    More helpful info:

    I'm sorry you're dealing with this, and I hope it passes quickly!

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    go to the pediatrician first. he/she may be able to prescribe the nystatin cream for you. (mine did)
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