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Thread: BF after a csection.

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    Hi, just wanted to share my experience. I had a c-section and did not have problems BFing. I only got to see DS 2 hours after delivery. I was very drowsy so it really helped to have DH around to assist with the latching on. I read that it's impt to try to BF within the 1st 2 hrs of delivery but he had no probs latching on.

    Because of the pain, I started with the lying down position, graduated to a football hold after 2 days... and finally with the cradle hold by the time I left hospital (after 5 days).

    Like the PPs, i think it's important to let your DH know how important it is to you to BF so that he can help out and keep an eye on the hospital staff who may not know better since you'll be confined to the bed.


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    Default Re: BF after a csection.

    I agree with those who said to keep asking for your baby as soon as you are "with it." I was able to nurse in recovery and I believe that really helped us off to a good start. My baby ended up in NICU for a couple days for a sepsis workup but I just kept trudging down and trying to feed her. I know that rooming-in before she went to the NICU and just offering a lot really helped us. Also, I think it's important to just keep trying even if you deviate from the ideal, if that makes sense.

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