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Thread: More nursing than eating solids

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    Default More nursing than eating solids

    Have you ever found that your almost one year old still nurses a lot, like more than he eats. Do you have ideas why this could be? My son will spit out food and just want to nurse. Once I nurse him he will eat a bit and then the next meal is the same. Sometimes if I happen upon something he really likes he will eat a lot of it. You can imagine what nights are like if he is not eating much solids at 11 months. He is a good 23lbs. He is by no means malnourished and neither am I! DJM

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    Default Re: More nursing than eating solids

    My Lo was exactly like that at one year. Heck, she is 14 months now and she is still like that. If she could, she would nurse every hour and NEVER eat solid food.

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    Default Re: More nursing than eating solids

    My lo is 18mos and if I'm around she prefers nursing. I work full time so she is a nursing maniac on weekends and in the evenings. She eats solids great at daycare but not so great for me. She isn't malnourished but is under weight. SHe's still waiting to hit 20 pounds! She's petite! I think it's natural for them to want to nurse whenever mom's around. it's easier and it's comforting and it's all around perfect (temperature, taste, convenience, comfort, etc). I wouldn't worry too much as long as your lo is gaining weight and growing and happy.

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    Default Re: More nursing than eating solids

    My son is just now going through that, too. My very supportive doctor said that it's because the babyfoods aren't as much bang for the buck with regards to calories and nutrients, and the babies know that. My doctor told me not to worry about it... solids are just "practicing" and "expirimenting" still at this point, and not actually nourishing. She told me technically my DS could strictly BF until he's four years old, and still be healthy. (She then added that my breasts would be so huge and heavy by that point that I'd need a shelf to carry them around on. Ha!)

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    Default Re: More nursing than eating solids

    Is this a new behavior or something your LO has always done?

    If it's something new or different, your LO may be teething and doesn't want to eat. Or he could be getting sick and bm is just easier on his belly. My daughter went on a solids strike at 11 months when she had a bug, and that was my first sign she was sick.

    If it's what he's always done, I agree- nothing wrong with that! BM probably tastes better than most foods anyways, so I don't blame him!
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    Default Re: More nursing than eating solids

    Frankly, I think it's well within the range of normal. Most mainstream parents spend their second six months rushing their babies onto 100% solids, because they have to in order to wean them on their first birthday. From what I see of babies with no such deadline, that's waaaaaaaaay on one end of the continuum, with most babies increasing solds much more gradually.

    Trust me, when they do want more solids, there won't be any question about it!

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    Default Re: More nursing than eating solids

    My DS is 11mo's today. He eats maybe two tablespoons of solids a day. He is happy and healthy. One day he'll decide he likes solids but for now I know he is getting great nutrition from nursing.

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