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Thread: 5th time is the charm?

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    Default 5th time is the charm?

    Hi, all. I found this site a few days ago and I hope y'all will be able to give me some insights, please. I'm pregnant with my 5th child (due in December). The other 4 all received bm for varying lengths of time, but none of them were exclusively breastfed, and I'd like to change that this time around. Here's the background:

    #1 - 2 months premature. I pumped exclusively for 6 weeks and then gave up when he came home from the hospital. I was able to pump 2 ounces total every 2 hours (12x/day).

    #2 - I was lacking in confidence after #1 and began supplementing soon after he was born. At each feeding I would breastfeed on boths sides first and then give him a bottle of formula. We continued this for 6 months.

    #3 - I just assumed things would be the same as with #2 and I didn't even try to breastfeed exclusively. I supplemented from the beginning and did breast and bottle at every feeding for 10-11 months.

    #4 - I finally decided to believe everything I"ve read that a true low supply is very uncommon. So I exclusively breastfed (on demand, for looong stretch and very frequently - lack of time at the breast was NOT a problem). Everyone said his latch was great. He had the correct number of wet dipes but they were barely wet - not soaking wet. And he hardly pooped at all. I forget the exact length of time but after about a week he was having orange crystals in his urine. He just squeaked by and didn't have to be hospitalized but I completely gave up the breast at that point as I just couldn't stomach doing both at every feeding AGAIN. The only thing I can figure is that either I have a recurring supply problem or maybe his suck wasn't strong enough?

    Other tidbits:

    My breasts don't change during pregnancy and I don't get engorged after the birth. I have hypothyroidism but I've been on meds for 8 years and my levels are well within the normal range. I do feel a letdown when nursing and I can see the letdown when I pump.

    Any thoughts?? I'm thinking that maybe this time around I will start with a bang and begin pumping several times a day from day 1 to make sure that my breasts get an overabundance of stimulation. And I'm also thinking of starting fenugreek on day 1.

    Any opinions or advice you may have would be greatly appreciated!!


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    Default Re: 5th time is the charm?

    look up your local LLL leader she is around to help!

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    Default Re: 5th time is the charm?

    I also had similar issue with #1, I am thinking of taking Fenugreek,Blessed Thistle and Alfalfa starting Day 1. Is is this ok?

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    Hi Michelle
    I'd strongly suggest you get ahold of an IBCLC or LLL Leader in your area, go over your history with her, and come up with a "game plan" for breastfeeding after your baby is born.

    Here is an article that can help you determine if your baby is getting enough to eat:

    vidya wrote:
    I also had similar issue with #1, I am thinking of taking Fenugreek,Blessed Thistle and Alfalfa starting Day 1. Is is this ok?
    Vidya--I'd give you the same advice as Michelle. Drugs/herbs are more of a last resort. There are better things to try first.

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    How to tell if your breastfed baby is getting enough milk!

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