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Thread: BF how many times a day---9mo. old??

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    Default BF how many times a day---9mo. old??

    I am wondering about how many times a day I should be Breastfeeding my 9 month old? My slow let down is really affecting how nursing is going these days, but I am just wanting to stay on track for nursing for as long as I can. How many times a day is average for 9mo. and older babies?

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    Default Re: BF how many times a day---9mo. old??

    There really isn't a guideline on how many times per day a 9 month old should be nursing. That said, breastmilk should make up the vast majority of his calories for the first full year of life (don't know if your baby is eating solid foods yet or not).

    A good rule of thumb is to simply watch your baby, not the clock. Is he wetting frequently? Is he stooling normally? (I use the word "normally" very loosely because breastfed babies will often go several days in between bowel movements) Is he otherwise appearing to be happy, healthy, alert and active? If so, then you're doing just great!


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