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Thread: FOrceful Let down....

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    Default FOrceful Let down....

    DD is 13 days old.....
    she has been feeding 4 hourly since birth....
    On the whole, our breastfeeing experience has been beautiful...
    except for the FORCEFUL let down part!!!

    When a let down happens, she will choke and gange on breast milk....
    She is currently only feeding from 1 breast per feeding.....
    (and i alternate it each feeding)

    Please, Please tell me what can i do to stop this FORCEful let down thingy?!?
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    Default Re: FOrceful Let down....

    Check out this site: http://www.kellymom.com/bf/supply/fast-letdown.html

    I have similar problems. One thing that has really helped is taking LO off right after letdown (or when she starts to gulp really fast) and letting the milk drip a bit before putting her back on. (She doesn't like having to wait, but it's better than how angry she gets when milk is coming at her so fast.) Also, leaning back a bit so gravity keeps the milk from hitting the back of her throat as easily.

    Another thing I will do, if I think she might nurse on both sides (she doesn't always) is I will hand express just a bit on the side that she is not using, so that when she's ready to switch it will be easier for her. Since your LO only nurses on one side at a time, could you try expressing before you let her on, just a bit until your letdown is past and the flow has slowed?

    I am told that this often goes away once your milk starts to regulate more. I still have occasional problems with it, but not as much as I used to. HTH!
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    Default Re: FOrceful Let down....

    My LO is 3.5 weeks and I have experienced the same thing. It's more on one side than the other, my family has jokingly named my boobs 'high flow' and 'low flow'.

    With time it has gotten better, and the baby has adjusted to it. I do express some of it off in the mornings, when it seems to be the worse. At the beginning of our nursing journey I found the football hold very helpful, and now we just do the latch/unlatch thing at the beginning of each nursing session until the letdown calms down.

    It does get easier as the baby gets more used to it!

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    Default Re: FOrceful Let down....

    I have the same problem. Does anybody else have the issue of when they're burping their baby that he/she sometimes will gag or choke? This only occurs if I'm BF.

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