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Thread: Moby Wrap? Anyone Use?

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    Default Moby Wrap? Anyone Use?

    Has Anyone Here Used The Moby Wrap For Bf? Any Suggestions Or Comments On This Sling? I Just Bought One Online. I Also Bought The Sling From Hotsling.com But Is Very Hard To Feed In There And My Baby Hates It!!!

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    Default Re: Moby Wrap? Anyone Use?

    OOOh we Love our Moby so much I have a black one and a cream one for the summer. Generally to feed when he was small we would just position his bottom a little lower in the cradle position and cover his face with the cumber bun. HTH.

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    Default Re: Moby Wrap? Anyone Use?

    I have not heard of this one. We have a Maya Wrap, and love it! It is great for breastfeeding in public. We couldn't live without it! Slings are great!

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