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Thread: LO only likes side lying position

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    Default LO only likes side lying position

    My LO is 4.5 months old. I had OALD/oversupply early on and as a result, was nursing her in the side lying position since 3 months. Now, I'm having a hard time nursing in public and also nursing her in the other positions. Does anyone have this problem? How did you get your LO to nurse in other positions?

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    Default Re: LO only likes side lying position

    Oh thats exactly our case...he loves side lying so much that he wants it all the time..but the thing is it seems like he came to understand that in certain sitautions its not possibale to side nurse so he accepts it and nurses only a lill to kill his hunger instead of getting full, no matter how much I offer him the breast, and once we reach home and we can nurse sid lying he nurses till he gets really full...

    So i am saying you are not alone, dont worry, once they get a lill older then they can go longer sretches without nursing, you and your LO will adjust.


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