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Thread: comfort sucking and pumped amount

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    Default comfort sucking and pumped amount

    nursing is predominantly fine (our son born de 15).just trying to nurse in slanting position just in case it is reflux-so foot ball hold.trying sitting position rarely too though uncomfortable-he hiccups often,coughs

    he is sucking lesser now-7 minutes-weight check tomorrow.shoudl se ehow his weight is.cries fussy one a day somedays like one in 4 days or so.

    also doesnt do comfort sucking.i read online its better to do so so weaning happens late.is this true

    i pumped 2 ounces after i fed him.same time 7 minutes that he sucks./means he is drinking 7 ounces ?can i conclude so?

    tahnks in advance

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    Default Re: comfort sucking and pumped amount

    Pumping is never a good indication of what baby is getting when directly nursing. A baby is always more efficient at removing milk from the breast than a pump is. If anything, you can probably conclude that if you are pumping 2 ounces then baby is getting more than that when he's nursing directly.

    I have not heard that comfort sucking = late weaning. Not all babies are comfort nursers -- some are all business and are only on the breast long enough to get some food in their tummies. Other babies are unhappy if the breast isn't in their mouth almost constantly. I'm interested to know what site you read that comfort sucking = late weaning though. I'm wondering if the idea behind this is to indicate that all of baby's sucking needs should be met at the breast? Anyhow, share the site if you remember I'm intrigued!

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