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    my DS is constantly nursing! At night he's good at keeping his 2 - 2.5 hrs. feeding but during daytime he is comfort sucking most of his waking time. He would nurse when heis hungry, would stop if he's contented, then nurse again if he wants to sleep. If he can't doze off he would continually nurse! My nipples aren't sore but it's just that he can't stop nursing.

    is this normal?

    would comfort sucking affect my milk production?

    he's 3 wks old and wouldn't take a pacifier. any suggestions?

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    Hang in there! It is totally normal. My DS was the same way. Like you, I never had nipple soreness, thank goodness, but he pretty much nursed round the clock for several weeks and would not take a pacifier. He just needed some extra comfort from mom. After a while, probably around 6 weeks, he started spacing out his feedings a little more.

    Your little guy seems very similar. Just try to focus on how much love and comfort you are providing your little guy and look at all the time you are sitting, lying down etc while nursing as a much needed rest!

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    My little guy was the same for about 8 weeks. Babies nurse for many reasons: food, comfort, closeness etc. It is totaly normal. If your nipples aren`t sore there probably isn`t a latch problem. You can test if he`s eating enough by counting wet/poopy diapers. It should be 5-6 sopping wet disposables and 3-4 dirty ones/day.
    Other than that just use the time to rest. Are you comfortable with side -lying nursing? That was a life saver for us.

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    Your baby also sounds like he/she might be in the first growth spurt. During that time, they'll nurse almost continually for a few days, which will make your supply increase to meet their needs.

    Continue nursing on demand. It'll get easier!

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    Yup, this is very normal. And like pp said, 3 weeks is prime time for a growth spurt. Babies have a very strong sucking urge and many babies seem to "get" that a pacifier is just a poor plastic substitute for the real deal- mom! You may have a "higher-needs" baby (like mine) who needs more holding and comforting right now. It won't always be that way. Keep us posted!

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