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Thread: Nipple Slurping

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    Okay so Logan is now doing this weird thing while we're nursing, and it HURTS! During letdown he backs his mouth all the way to the end of my nipple, takes a breath or two, then slurps the nipple back in and re-latches. Anyone else have a baby who nurses like this and can tell me if its normal? Can I get him to stop this behavior, or will my nipples eventually get used to this?

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    As far as I know, it is normal at least for us. DS is 5 months old and still does this on occasion, but it doesnt hurt me anymore. Your nipples are still tender so I can understand how it is painful! But it will get better once they toughen up. Hopefully other mommas chime in, but I would say its the norm!

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    My LC said sometimes during letdown the nipple will get really slippery, so baby has trouble staying latched on. She suggested taking baby off, wiping the nipple and baby's mouth/face, and starting over. It does seem to help, so if you notice you're really wet and slippery, maybe this will work for you too.
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    my lo is over 8 months old and still does this. i don't know if it is usual behavior for babies but it happens everyday in my house! right now, your nipples are so sensitive, but they will adapt with time. i think that the lansinoh lanolin creme is amazing and it helped me so much during the early weeks. i swear that without it i doubt i would have made it this far! i would apply it sometimes before nursing and it would help to relieve the pain during nursing.

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