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    I am begining to think I have forceful letdown (is that the same as over active letdown?). I think my lo is doing alright, but want to be more sure. She sometimes makes a clicking sound and has cheek dimpling. I read that babies who suck their tounge sometimes do these things and will latch on too quickly. I remember her sucking on her tounge immidiatly after she was born. I thought she started with a good latch, but now I wonder if she is not latched on well. What would I look for? Her weight gain doesn't seem to be an issue...she was in the 90% and 95%for height at her 4 mos check-up. The questions I have are:

    1. She has dropped from 10-15min to 5min or less on each side, and does not seem satisfied...or atleast still wants to suck, but won't stay latched but will take a paci. (I know they become more effective so the 5min wouldn't bother me if she seemed satisfied).

    2.She is 4 1/2mos and nurses every 2-3hrs. Is this normal for her age or is she not getting enough hindmilk? Would a bad latch cause this? It's just the last 2wks I've had concerns and haven't had her weighed in 2wks so I don't know how much she is gaining lately.

    3.She has fequently has greenish slimy or yellow slimy or orange/brown w/o seeds (if they are several days apart)...sometimes foamy(frothy) poop. I've been trying to keep her on one side longer (which seems to help her poop be more yellow/orange w/seeds), but she does like I said and won't stay latched so I switch sides and then go back and forth as long as I can keep her interest and then give the paci.

    4. It is only recently that I've noticed the clicking and cheek dimpling. She also pushes out with her arm which "stretches" my nipple so the latch looks ineffective. I can hear her swollowing so I wasn't worried at first, but now I wonder about her getting enough hind milk, etc.

    5. She can have very smelly gas. (Sometimes more frequent or not)

    Any input would be helpful
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    Default Re: cheek dimpling

    This sounds familiar. Did you read the stickies at the start of the forum? They have a lot of useful information.
    1. My LO acts the same way when I am having supply problems (too much milk)- she wants to nurse but fusses after about 5 min and will take the pacifier. I try to pull her off before she gets that fussy and get a few (usually HUGE) burps out of her - then she can nurse longer. I also will give her the paci, wait about 10 min and then try nursing again. Sometimes she just needs to calm down, other times she is done and wants to 'comfort suck' but is still getting milk and fusses because her tummy is full.

    2. I don't think her nursing frequency is high for her age - I think that depends on the baby. I am always reassured when DD is gaining well. Some oversupplied babies gain faster than is 'normal'. But I think frequency of feedings and weight gain are extremely individual.

    3. The poo sounds very familiar. Sometimes DD is also fussy when I block feed - I think she misses not having to suck for her meal - sometimes if my breasts seem very 'empty' and she seems unsatisfied I'll offer her the fuller breast to see if she is fussing from frustration or hunger.

    4. I have heard clicking is common. DD hasn't mastered that yet. (Instead she likes to push my nipple up with her tongue so that we both get our faces sprayed with milk... hilarious skill) If block feeding is helping her poop go from yellow to green - it sounds like it is working.

    5. DD has smelly gas and despite the reassurances from the cloth diapering forum moms - her poo is often gross and needs to be prewashed from her cloth dipes.

    It sounds like you are doing a good job! Hopefully your LO will catch up to your supply soon!

    BYE- DD up from her nap.

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