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Thread: What do you do at the sitter's?

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    As someone who had my oldest in daycare, and I now do daycare in my home, I would say that you need to be as up front with her as possible. If she doesn't support your wishes, find someone else. That is YOUR child and you are paying her to take care of him as you yourself would. That's the bottom line - IMO.
    Good luck!

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    Hey there! I so now how you feel, this can be such a nerve wracking experience! My LO is 14 months old, very hooked on nursing and goes to her nanny once a week. While she is there, she pretty much only does solids. Her nanny has been working with her on taking the sippy cup or using a straw and she does get a little ebm that way, but mostly she eats her solids there.

    Her nanny rocks her down for a nap and she does just fine. A lot of times, if it is not you, they don't expect to nurse to sleep and will surprise you with how easy they go down.

    If the sitter is willing, I would suggest a few short trials as you get closer to the day when you have to go back to work. I took my daughter over an hour before her nap so that she could play and get used to her nanny, then have her nanny put her down. We did this with gradually lengthening times until she was comfortable and used to not nursing during the day. It made it easier for all of us.

    Hope that helps!

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    Hi! I thought I'd share my situation so that maybe it would help.

    My 12-month-old goes to the sitter's 1-2 days a week right now. We are weaning her off from EBM, since I'm done pumping and my freezer stash is nearly gone. She only gets 2 oz or so EBM a day, and the rest is whole milk (mixed together still to get her used to it). Sometimes she drinks it out of a sippy, sometimes a bottle, sometimes she refuses it altogether. My sitter is very relaxed about the whole thing, and although she does not know I still nurse, she'd probably be cool with it if she did.

    I do not worry about how much whole milk she gets, or where she gets it from. I know that she will be nursing the minute we walk in the door and again throughout the evening. She gets plenty of my milk, so I don't put too much emphasis on the whole milk. My LLL leader told me I could even just have her drink water during the day and she'd be fine- she'd just make up for it at night.

    And if your LO still needs a bottle to go down for a nap, so be it! I agree, it's not your sitter's say how she falls asleep, it's yours. She's still a baby anyway, so there's no reason to worry about it too much. Good luck!
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