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Thread: Burping - the final frontier

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    Does the time come when you don't have to burp the baby after every feeding? I have noticed my LO (1 week short of 4 mos) is eating much better and a lot of times is hard to burp. Is it just his digestive system is maturing and he doesn't need me burping him as much?

    Thanks for all your help!
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    When my dd was a baby her drs told me NOT to burp her because of her AR. When I had my first ds, I did same for him (he also had AR)
    My new ds usually burps himself before I can! LOL

    I think at that age she might not need it. Babies will burp on their own when they need to. Give it a try of not burping her and seeing if she's fussy or gassier. If she is then continue burping her a bit longer. As they learn to sit up and crawl, they don't need to be burped as often. At least thats what my kids dr said.

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