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Thread: Question about extended nursing

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    My DS is 4 months old right now, and I really would like to nurse him until he self weans. My question is regarding biting though. He already bites, and he doesn't have teeth! It doesn't really hurt right now, but I know it will once he starts having teeth. Is there a way to stop him from biting now? He's only 4 months old- so I'm not sure how to go about it?? Any help would be great!

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    My dd got teeth at 6 months but didn't start to bite until about 14 months so she was old enough to sort of understand that biting hurt me. I would just tell her sternly that biting hurts mommy and then end the nursing session. I found that she would bite when she was in the mood for more of a snack than anything else. She would get a look on her face and I knew it was coming so I'd try to interrupt her too. Biting is tough. The best advice I can give you is don't get frustrated...it's a phase they go through. Be tough and communicate with your lo that biting isn't ok. With my dd#2 she bit at 6 months old and I didn't know what to do (I didn't know about LLL then!) I tapped her mouth and told her no biting. She never nursed again! I later found out that was a nursing strike and could've been worked through. So watch for that! Ask questions!!! Good luck!

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    Hi Rockmomma,
    You are really thinking ahead! And you're hoping the biting doesn't get worse when the teeth arrive. As the pp said, if they bite (not all of them do) it's usually just a phase and "this, too, shall pass". When they are actively nursing, even if they have teeth, they cannot bite. Careful watching to determine when the clamping is likely to occur can really help. Then you can be ready to unlatch and offer an alternative. Here's some more information.

    What Should I Do If My Baby Bites Me?

    HTH! Hang in there,

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