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Thread: Help me keep nursing my 14 mo.old

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    Default Help me keep nursing my 14 mo.old

    I am in so much pain right now. I have really bad nipple dermatitis and have been on prednisone and all purpose nipple ointment to keep it in check. Well, lately it just hasnt been working. My nipples are shredding and are each split open in 2-3 places where the nipple is attached to the areola. When I have done this in the past I have had to pump only for a good 3 days to let it heal up. Now Reece will not take bm in a bottle or sippy cup. He nurses every 1.5-2 hours at night and flips out if I try to comfort him any other way. I often have split nipples, but its usually on one side and I can pump and heal it while he nurses from the other. I just dont know what to do. I cry every time he nurses and the cuts are getting so deep they are not even closing up anymore. The past few days I can distract him during the day so he is only nursing down to sleep for nap and at night. I have tried thrush treatments jik it managed to sneak in but if anything that has made it worse. I have been using gentian vioet and gse. Does anyone have any advice. My dh thinks its time to wean him but that thought just makes me so sad. Reece still loves nursing and he is still so tiny. He is not even 19 lbs yet and he still gets alot of his nutrition from my milk. He eats solids but will only take a very little bit of juice during the day. Not enough to keep him hydrated in the AZ heat. How do I heal these lacerations?

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    Oh, mama, I feel for you!! I have had cracked nipples and thrush, but never anything that bad. Could it be that you have an intraductal bacterial infection that is making them worse? Has anyone suggested low dose antibiotics to you? It would seem that might be possible given all the broken skin on your nipple area.
    Maybe the APNO is losing it's effectiveness. Maybe try using a different antibotic cream.
    I hate to say it but I would not use gentian violet or gse in your situation. Just my gut feeling as they are both quite harsh and I believe acidic. Try taking acidophilus to keep your body populated with good bacteria. Any signs of thrush in your LO?
    I am not a hcp and this whole situation is way over my head, but I'm just offering any advice I can think of. I think you need to see a doctor, preferably one specializing in lactation, or a certified lactation consultant, ASAP.
    Mama, I am so amazed at your dedication and your LO is incredibly lucky to have such a great mama!


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    Default Re: Help me keep nursing my 14 mo.old

    I would get cracked nipples quite frequently from my lo being a biter. She would regularly draw blood. So I know your pain!! I used that Lansinoh ointment and would cake it on then used a warm washcloth to "help it soak in" I don't know if it really did anything but it seemed to help. Have you tried "moist healing"? I tried it and it worked. Here's the link with the info.
    That helped me the most. I'd also nurse from the "not so sore" side first since your lo will nurse more aggressively at the first side. Good luck!!!

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    Default Re: Help me keep nursing my 14 mo.old

    Hi reecespieces,
    This must really be painful for you! How long has this been going on? When did it start? Do you have some local help and support you could call on?
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