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Thread: Cluster Eating and Supplimenting

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    Default Cluster Eating and Supplimenting

    Hi Everyone,

    I just had my daughter 2 weeks ago today via c-section. We have been bf w/one 1/2oz - 1oz suppliments since we were in the hospital.

    Now in week 2 she has started cluster eating at least twice a day (2 hours around dinner time and then another 2 hours around bedtime) is this normal? Sometimes I feel like I am not feeding her enough or producing enough milk when she starts this process. So I have started giving her a suppliment at bedtime after 2 hours of letting her cluster eat.

    Sometimes I do not mind supplimenting, but other times I get so afraid she is going to choose ff over bf even though I only give her one bottle a day.

    Any advice on how to make our bedtime go a little more smoothly would be greatly appreciated.

    PS: She eats fine during the day about every 2 or 3 hours, has plenty of wet diapers and bms (2-3/day). My daughter was born at 37 weeks and only weighed 4lbs 15oz (she stopped growing in the womb) and the doctor says she is wanting to eat so much because she is trying catch up in weight . I do not know how true that is but after 2 hours of straight eating my nipples hurt so bad (is that normal.)

    I forgot to mention she weats anywhere from 15-20 minutes on each breast.

    Again any and all advice is appreciated.

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    Default Re: Cluster Eating and Supplimenting

    It seemed that my ds, now almost 5 weeks old, clusterfed almost constantly when he hit 2 weeks. He still has a 2 hour cluster session most nights before bed. I think this is normal at this stage. At first I was worried I wasn't producing enough and that was the cause for the frenzied clusterfeeds. But I am producing, and he is gaining well. Again, I think this is normal. Also, remember, the more you nurse, the more milk you make.

    I am not sure about the supplementing as we have not been doing that.

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    Default Re: Cluster Eating and Supplimenting

    and congrats on the new baby! I went through the same thing when DD was that age. She would nurse for 4 hours and still be hungry. I started supplementing & now I wish I hadn't. At that age, they are trying to build up your milk supply. If you can make it through the next week or two, it will get better. I promise. What I regret about supplementing is that it hurt my milk supply and six months later I am still struggling with it. With that said, always do what is best for you.
    Keep up the good work! You are doing great!

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    Default Re: Cluster Eating and Supplimenting

    It sounds pretty normal to me. That's babys way of getting enough milk and making sure you have enough to give her. Also, some babies do this during growth spurts. My lo is 6 1/2 m/o and still cluster feeds - every morning from 5 to 7 and every afternoon from around noon until 2 or three. She has never had any weight issues - always been on the chuncky side! HTH!

    oh yeah - IMHO I would forgo the supplements. Seems like she's nursing just fine.

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    Default Re: Cluster Eating and Supplimenting

    the first 6 weeks of life are basically a chain of growth spurts for a baby. Its perfectly normal for her to be cluster feeding. its just her way of signaling your body to produce more. I would forgoe the supplementing.

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    Default Re: Cluster Eating and Supplimenting

    Cluster feeding is VERY normal. As long as your baby is latched on well, the latch is comfy, baby is having plenty of wet and poopy dipes, gaining and growing, ect. you can rest assured that cluster feeding is doing it's job!

    And, yes, I would suggest avoiding the supplements if at all possible.

    Here's some awesome info about cluster feeding and newborn nursing patterns:

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