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    Hello...I am a momma of a baby who will be 3 months old on May 2, 2006. I need to leave her on May 22 to go back to school. I am devestated. I have been in school and pumped and used EBM in bottles for my other 2 who have long since weaned. Sarah however....REFUSES the bottle. I have never experienced this before and I am terrified to leave her. We have tried 5 different nipples, including the "breast bottle". She gags and fusses the entire time and won't take any milk....it is like she does not know how to suck out of it. The weird thing too is that when I try to nurseher afterwards she has dificulty at first organizing how to breastfeed. I am afraid that she is not going to eat while I am gone. I need to be gone 5 days a week for 10 weeks for the summer session....then I will have a break and go back again in August, but I alredy decided I will break my last semester up and extend my time in school by a semester so then I can be home more. How do I teach her to eat out of a bottle so she does not starve while I am gone .

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    Hi Alicia,

    You are concerned that your baby will not eat while you are away. Some mothers find that other methods of feeding can be helpful with necessary separations if baby refuses the bottle. Some of the ways that mothers have found to make sure that their baby is fed EBM are the Medela Haberman & Medela Cup feeders, Soft Feeders, and Hazelbaker Finger-feeders.

    And here is a collection of tips from mothers who have gone back to work and their babies refused the bottle: http://lalecheleague.org/NB/NBNovDec02p218.html

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    I just went though the same experience. It's tough enough dealing with feelings of leaving our babies without feeling like we'll be starving them too!
    It took me more than a week, and trying at almost every feeding to get my DS to take a bottle. I tried different nipples and he finally took to Playtex naturalatch latex nipple. The latex seems easier to manipulate and it's shaped like a real nipple.

    Good luck!


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    You sound really frustrated! In reality, you have almost a month before you go back to school - much can change in a month!

    If you are the one giving her a bottle, try having someone else give it to her. You will probably need to be out of the room, maybe even out of the house, while she takes it.

    Once you go back to school, she'll eventually eat while you're away. Once she's hungry enough. She may not eat much, and would prefer to wait to get it straight from the tap when you're together, but she'll probably take a bottle or some other form of feeding device, while you're apart. Babies won't let themselves go hungry. Sometimes, they'll eat just enough to quell the hunger pains, but not enough for it to count as a full feeding. This is normal - it's called reverse cycle nursing.
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    Get somebody else to try giving it to her, when you're not there: somebody who is confident around her and has given bottles before -- I think they pick up ambivalence. My daughter was extremely resistant to the bottle, wouldn't take it from me or my husband, fussed and wailed and no amount of trying different nipples etc. made a difference. I was worried about going back to work, would she starve etc. But then we found a great babysitter who tried giving it to her not in her lap but in her babyseat, and it worked fine. I guess the lap thing reminded her too much of nursing, and then she wouldn't take a substitute. So it's worth trying different positions for giving the bottle. An opposite approach: I've heard of babies who want the smell of their moms when they drink, even if it's from a bottle; you could also get the person giving the bottle to wear an old t-shirt of yours. Don't worry so much, she will get there; she won't starve!

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    How many total hours will you be separated from your baby (include travel time)? Is there any hope of having a caregiver bring her to you to nurse during breaks?

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